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‘Barring Up’ For Drake

The release of instrumental tracks has people read to bar up for Drake’s rap challenge.

Who would Drake be without a trick up his sleeve?

After releasing Scary Hours 3, fans were surprised that the new release wasn’t what they were expecting at all; or it could’ve been better than what they imagined. The new version of “For All the Dogs” released with Drake giving tracks of some of the nostalgia fans remember when he first started out. Not only did Drake receive positive feedback on the new back-to-basics edge implemented on the project, but he addressed a few rumors that he felt needed to be cleared up. According to Complex, “It also featured diss tracks directed at Joe Budden, whom he famously clashed with following the release of FATD, and his longtime rival, Pusha T. One of the other tracks featured a reference to Taylor Swift, whom he suggested is the only artist who could ever get him to delay one of his projects. The same song, ‘Red Button,’ appears to offer more mixed thoughts on his history with Kanye West, suggesting there was some ‘premeditated’ moves on the multi-hyphen’s part.”

If fans thought Drizzy was finished after just releasing this new spin on his ‘FOTD’ project, he’s just getting started. However, this time he’s giving any rapper a shot with a new challenge. In a recently shared Instagram post, Drake confirmed that instrumental versions of the new songs on ‘For All The Dogs: Scary Hours Edition (3)’ are soon to be released. He stated, “Dropping the instrumentals this week I wanna see who’s barring up” with a different artwork version of two fairies standing together for his announcement. If any upcoming rappers or industry artists that have been waiting for an opportunity to impress Drake in hopes of collaborating, this may be the chance that they’ve been waiting for. It’ll only be right for this legend to search through the challenge when it’s released of who caught his eye the most with their versatility, so it’s definitely now or never.

Despite fans’ excitement that they’re receiving new unexpected projects and challenges from Drake, the unknown lingers of when he’ll decide to take his hiatus from the industry to focus on his health.

According to hypebeast, “he stated in early October that he will be taking a break from new music due to some health issues. “I’ve been having the craziest problems with my stomach for years. I need to get right, I have a lot of other things I would love to focus on so I’m going to lock the door on the studio for a little bit. I don’t know what a little bit is. Maybe a year or something. Maybe a little bit longer,” he said. After filming a teaser video for the release of Scary Hours 3, Drake makes it clear that he doesn’t feel that he has anything to prove. According to Billboard, “I’ll say this to you, I’m not… I feel no need to appease anybody. I feel so confident about the body of work I just dropped that I know I can go and disappear for whatever… six months, a year… two years.”

After the release of his instrumentals and challenges, we’ll definitely see if Drake plans on taking a long hiatus anytime soon.


By Kori Barnes,  University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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