BEEF: Wale Goes In On Complex Magazine


Complex Magazine released the list of the top 50 rap albums of the year… and Wale didn’t make it?!?!? According to, Wale  felt  it was personal and called up Complex and went ham. Check out some of the things he said in the phone conversation:

Wale: So you think y’all being a responsible publication by continuously to f–king like, so all that petty s–t? At this point you know it’s got to be personal. I don’t want — you telling me it’s not personal, it’s like a bold face lie. To be omitted from every type of list that y’all do or be at the bottom of it or every type of way that y’all can omit me, y’all will. So I just need to know if anybody’s ready to keep it 100 with me and be like, ‘Yeah, it might be. You might have rubbed somebody wrong years ago in some way or fashion’ because I have had no interaction with the company in years. So, to be, every time, be omitted from everything that y’all do, it’s gotta be something. So, I’m trying to find out if you’re going to be the person that tells me that or you just gonna give me the song and dance.

Complex: Well, no, I’m not going to be the person that tells you that. It’s not a personal thing man. We sit –

Wale: *screaming* You mean to tell me Juicy J album is better than mine?! Is that what you trying to tell me? You mean to tell me everybody you put on that f–king list… boy don’t play me, man. I came at you civil right now but it could go completely in another direction right now. Respect me, dog. Respect me, dog. Respect the f–king culture right now, man, because right now it’s like some petty s–t going on right now, and I’m trying to get to the bottom of it in a civil manner, yo.

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Ok, yeah. I’m scared for them. Reports say, Complex tried to reach out to Wale to make amends, but he wasn’t having it.

Really??? I think it’s a little fishy that Wale didn’t make it to the top 50. Top 10, I’d probably understand. Top 20, maybe, but 50?!?!? Something ain’t right in the water.

What ya’ll think? Should Wale have made the top 50 list?

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