Beginner Recipes For Your Inner Chef

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We’ve all certainly gotten adjusted to ordering in a ton over the past year, but the virtues and values of cooking and baking at home can never be forgotten. Whether you have cravings and a sweet tooth or want to whip up a brunch for your family, we’ve collected a list of beginner recipes worth trying out. These are easy for anyone to make (younger family members might even be able to join in) with typical ingredients, try out one of these this week!

*For your next breakfast or brunch, try this casserole bake. Bacon, egg and cheese are the main ingredients, but swap out any of your favorite toppings and veggies to taste! Tip: Bake a bit longer for a lovely golden-brown crisp.

*If a sweet tooth is your primary personality trait, this edible cookie dough might be the one for you. Free of salmonella risks because of the lack of raw egg, cookie dough makes a great gift or snack to save for later! You can freeze it, fridge it, dip it, just don’t bake it (not the right consistency).

*Even though the days are getting warmer, you can never go wrong with a hearty broccoli and cheddar soup! Inspired by the Panera recipe, you can prepare this recipe and add toppings or veggies to taste. Perfect to serve around the table for the fam or reheat on a rainy day, check this recipe out soon.

*This next recipe is simple enough that kids can join in and try! America’s Test Kitchen’s French Toast for One is my go to, and can be doubled or tripled depending on the quantity you need. Engineered for a child audience to cook specifically, I love how quick this French toast is to cook! A little extra cinnamon or nutmeg goes a long way, and don’t forget the fresh fruit on top.

*An easy side dish to accompany any home-cooked meal is cheddar chive biscuits! These can be mixed in one bowl, and cooked on one pan all in under an hour. Drop biscuits are light and fluffy, and the cheesy goodness adds a certain flavor! My family likes to pair these with a steak or roast.

*Last but not least, these festive cookies never go out of style! Red velvet cookies hit the spot with a rich, chocolate flavor and light dusting of powdered sugar. These bake quickly and can be mixed in one bowl with minimal tools and ingredients. Tip: If red isn’t your color, add which food coloring agent you prefer (I like green!).

Red Velvet Cookies

These are just the beginning of many recipes for starter cooks and bakers. Like we mentioned previously, these are kid and teen-friendly, and make for a great bonding exercise or just quality self-care time! If you try any of these out, tag us at @true.chi on Instagram. Stay safe, and happy cooking!


By Leah Ollie, Senior, Whitney Young Magnet High School

Instagram: @leahgraceollie

Written by Leah Ollie

Leah is a senior at Whitney Young High School, and has been working with True Star since fall of 2020. She loves fruit smoothies and cats, and dislikes kale and action movies.

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