Behind The Scenes: A Day In The Life Of Khleo Thomas




After funny stories, technical difficulties, and all-nighters later, I only have one word:


To be oh so honest, I’d only seen the TV side of Khleo up until his cameo in Bow’s video…and now, I’m a witness to the fact the man has bars! During an exclusive interview that can be found later this week right herer, you’ll find out that Khleo co-wrote the theme song to the movie “Holes” and growing up as a shorty, that was my jam! Seeing him in Roll Bounce was just the icing on the cake for me and his Superfest performance took it all the way home! Seriously, the performance was on TEN and after that “Juicy” segment, you don’t even want to know my favorite Freaky Kle song!

People, people, people…If you haven’t watched the videos yet, watch them. Then after you’ve watched them, watch them again and tell a friend. If you weren’t a part of #TeamKhleo before, you should definitely be a member now! Good looks? Check. Acting skills? Check. Bars? Check, check, check. He’s all that, an order of a 4 piece chicken with mild sauce (not necessarily from Harold’s or Roscoe’s), Garret’s popcorn and a Batman movie. If you’ve never been to Chicago, you might not understand that analogy… So in laments terms, he’s all that and a bag of chips!

For those who know me personally or follow me on Twitter (@Subria_Abayomi) you know that as a poet and spoken word artist, lyrics and delivery are everything to me. If you don’t have substance, you ain’t SugarHoneyIceTea to me! So with that being said… GO DOWNLOAD HIS FREAKING MIXTAPES, yeah?

The World is a Cartoon: DOWNLOAD NOW

The Next Episode: DOWNLOAD NOW

Slick Living: DOWNLOAD NOW


And now that you’ve done that, I need you to get “So Many Girls” on the BET countdown! Please & thank you 😉

Seriously ya’ll, they’re good and he’s dope. Lowkey, I’m seriously, secretly hoping he’ll let me drop a verse or sing a bridge on a track one day. Who knows? Bremix on a Klemix? Probably won’t happen, but download them joints ANYWAY!

Shout out to Khleo (@Khleo_T) for one of the best weekends before I head off to school! I appreciate you making dreams come true for Elexis (@SheWant_Lex) with a phone call and promise of a follow as well as autographs for Tiranne and Monica (@JussTatties). Chicago definitely appreciates you! Another major shout out to Jade and Jacob for making things happen and Stacey Shells for the dope place, with an even doper rooftop, and the dopest view!

I also want to give the BIGGEST shout out to my homie and #TeamKhleo member Brandy Lewis (@Ms_Blew92) for submitting the video I asked for. Because she was the only one, I’d like to show my appreciation by buying her, her own #SlickLiving tee! I don’t even have one yet, but I’m definitely going to bless her with one for helping me out. I’m always down to help those who help me, and I can’t even lie… I was the biggest B2K fan back in my day, so I know how it feels to be a fan!

I hope you all enjoy(ed) the video and the behind the scenes action 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m not able to hold the contest that I was looking forward to giving you guys, but hopefully Khleo and TrueSta can have another collab in the future!

-Breezy, Be Easy!

Written by IVC Productions


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