Best Dressed Of 2012 : Women’s Edition


Yess Honey, celebrities went all out this year in their fashion trends, whether they were serving couture or everyday street fashiothey still gave me life. Mainly because the Mayans predicted the World would end in 2012, so I figure celebrities wanted to be remembered by something other than their talents, or maybe they just wanted to get a fashion shout out from SHE. Either way they did it this year and I’m going to highlight some of the queens who served up fashion trends on a plate.

10. Tameka “Tiny” Harris

She is not the best dressed as far as couture fashions but she definitely brings an “everyday girl” swagg to whatever she does. Although most of her clothes this year weren’t flashy and over the top it still brings a cute casual look.


9. Teyanna Taylor

Although we still haven’t seen much of her this year, the times we do, she is dressed for something. Now I try not to be bias but you all know how I feel about some of her looks, she can be a bit extra but SHE is extra too so what’s the harm in that. (I guess)

teyana8. Amber Rose

She gets this position because regardless of whether she is lugging a beach ball size belly or in a petite frame, THIS YEAR SHE HAS SERVED US HONEY. The main reason I’ve recognized her so much is because she is pregnant and still manages to dress to impress so Kudos to you honey.


 7. Tamar Braxton

As she has made her splash, or shall I say re-splash back into media she has definitely taught us how to keep it cute, even if it’s not on a budget.



6. NeNe Leakes

I don’t know about you but this year I was served on a platter by Ms.Leakes. She has consistently been beat to capacity, with her many appearances in the lime light. NeNe made sure her fashion was top of the charts and I loved every moment of it.


5. Rhianna

Oh Na Na what’s her name? Ms.RiRi is consistent making it nothing new that she is a fashion diva! Her style is always very innovative and 2012 was no different. Keep it up girl!

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 4. Beyonce Knowles

Now I love Bey to death but it is no secret that she isn’t one of the heavy hitters in the fashion industry mainly because she is mostly in costumes, but I have to say this year she got an Instagram @baddiebey and ever since I’ve been seeing such great fashion from her. Now she hasn’t been serving it to me like planned but I figure she just dropped a baby (so they say) so I can slack off a little bit. But one thing I do know is that she better serve me up one this Feb.3 at the superbowl and that’s all that needs to be said.

beyonce 3. Kerry Washington

It’s Ms. Kerry Baby, and I don’t  mean Hilson. I’m personally not a huge fan of Ms. Washington but when I see her step out on the red carpet I fall in love. This year has been the most I’ve seen her and each and EVERY time she has been plucked, tucked and ready for runway, so that alone has earned her my recognition and trust me there aren’t too many I like.


2. Solange Knowles

This girl had to be in my top two because she serves me up a platter of bohemian excellence, and then some. She has really set aside the title of being Beyonce’s little sister because her fashion expertise is off the meter. Now of course some times I think she gets a little too independent with her look and it gets a bit tacky but she can pull tacky off, where as some of these girls on the streets see Solange and think that look is for them. Bye Girl Fly Girl let Solange stick to her own look.


 1. First Lady Ms. Michelle Obama

My first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama gets my number one spot for best dressed in 2012. She is ALWAYS together. She serves me Grace Kelly innocence with a little Tina Turner. Her hair is always layed and clothes are always on point whether she is doing a press conference or promoting Let’s Move.




Written by truestar


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