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The College Board Wants To Give You Money For College

College planning is a stressful time for most students, especially those who have to worry about the money aspect of it on top of everything else that comes with applying to schools. The most common avenue for those in that position is to look towards scholarships, like the one BigFuture is currently offering.

BigFuture–the College Board’s free college planning tool–has only a few, easily attainable requirements to qualify for the scholarship they’re currently awarding.

“We just awarded 31 juniors and seniors with $40,000 scholarships, and you could be next,” they say on their website. And all you have to do for a chance at winning that money is take steps to plan for college.

Every month BigFuture selects two $40,000 winners and hundreds of $500 winners who complete one or more steps. A few out of their six outlined steps include: Build a college list, Practice for SAT and explore scholarships. Not hard at all, right? And completing these goals is made especially easier by the instructions for completing each one included on the BigFuture website.

There are no more requirements other than these steps as you see in many other scholarship opportunities. No essays, no minimum GPA, test scores of citizenship requirements. It’s all pretty simple and costs nothing. If you’re a student planning to go to college, you should jump at this scholarship while it’s available. I know I will.


By Kendal Amos, Junior,  Chi Arts

Instagram: Kendal.amos

Written by TrueStar Staff

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