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Black Content Creators Worth Following

@Asiyami_Gold is a content creator that promotes the luxury lifestyle.

Influencing and content creation have become a popular professions amongst Gen-Z’s and Millenials. While there are thousands of people with large followings and a strong social presence, I think there are only a few that actually offer substance. Here are a few of my favorites:


Wisdom Kaye is an IMG model that got his start on TikTok posting outfit compilations. He posted on the platform for the first time in January 2020, and has since grown to over 8 million followers. Vogue has labeled him “the best-dressed guy on TikTok.” I personally love his content because unlike some fashion influencers, he doesn’t follow any trends and he has his own distinct style. If you’re into fashion, then he will inspire you to always think outside of the box and stay true to yourself.



Allyiah is a YouTube beauty community OG. If you’ve ever had to learn how to do makeup, apply a wig, or wanted an honest review on a clothing brand, then there’s probably a chance you’ve come across her YouTube channel. Recently, she’s pivoted into lifestyle content, but every now and then she’ll do clothing and makeup reviews. I love her social platforms because she’s authentic, consistent, and her journey is very inspiring. She’s a college dropout that took a chance on YouTube and is now living the life of her dreams while inspiring other Black women to look and feel their best.



Nyma Tang is a pillar in the beauty community and one of the few YouTubers that is still going strong in that space. I love that she’s still creating makeup content because she’s a great representation for Black women. Her makeup reviews are needed because brands often overlook or exclude dark skin women. You may know her from her review of the Fenty beauty foundation from when the brand first debuted.



Asiyami is another content creator that promotes a luxury lifestyle. She gives fashion and travel inspiration, and she even offers her own visual storytelling course to help other women interested in becoming content creators. What I love about Asiyami’s social media presence is that she’s very open about her journey. She dropped out of nursing school and struggled for a short period in order to live her dream of becoming a content creator full-time. If you’re interested in this career path she is a great follow.



Deandre Brown is a Chicago native that made a name for himself through TikTok by imitating Gen-Z & Millennials in the corporate space. His skits are hilarious and he coined the term “corporate baddie” and that’s been used all over TikTok since being created. I love his videos because I’m a twenty-something working in corporate America and I not only find him extremely funny but very relatable. His videos remind you how similar our lives are to one another and simply just make you feel like you are not alone. If you recently graduated from undergrad or grad school I highly recommend his content.


Give these content creators a try and let me know what you think.


By Kayla Crittle, University of Kentucky Alumni

Instagram / Twitter: kaylamarieily

Written by Kayla Crittle

Hey! My name is Kayla and I am True Star's Twentysomething. Anything you need to know about college and life after college—I got you.

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