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Black Influencer Spotlight

9 YouTubers you should be watching

It’s summer and what better way to spend your days than binging on YouTube videos? Looking for some new influencers to check out? Not a problem. I have exactly what you need. Here are some of my favorite YouTubers to watch in my downtime.

veneese solé

Veneese is a recent high school graduate who posts vlogs, student content, and vegan recipes. She’s relatable and authentic. Her content is always edited nicely and includes beautiful drone clips.

Aliyah Simone

Aliyah Simone is a college student who posts vlogs, productivity content, hygiene content, and student content. She is open, honest, and authentic in all of her videos while still remaining structured.

Jaelah Majette

Jaelah Majette is a single mom who started making natural hair content. Lots of big chops and hairstyles later, she now creates vlogs, does makeup, and continues to create hair videos.

Cosmeholics Anonymous

Boe Vyntage is a single mom who began her influencer career by doing storytimes. After countless story times and having multiple children, she continues to do storytimes, makeup, and gives advice to her viewers.


Jemima is a plus sized content creator who frequently posts vlogs, hygiene content, and clothing hauls. She has a bubbly personality and laughs off negativity and obstacles.

McKenna Walker

McKenna is a mother who gained her popularity from her hygiene content. From shower routines to Sunday resets, she posts content to provide viewers with product, self-care, and hygiene suggestions.

Isimeme Edeko

Isi is a Chicago-based content creator who also has a couple’s channel with her fiance Josh. She began her content creation during her college years by posting natural hair content and documenting her natural hair journey. She continues to post hair videos as well as posts vlogs, girl talks, hygiene content, and productivity content.

Hydrated Hero

Josh is a Chicago-based content creator who also has a couple’s channel with his fiance Isi. He began his content making career making videos with his fiance and branched out and started his own channel. He posts motivational content, advice, and fitness content.

Naturally Sunny

Atiya is beauty content creator who posts vlogs, self-care content, and hair content. She also does makeup and posts maintenance videos following her during her appointments.

These are a few of my favorite influencers and they don’t disappoint. Check out their YouTube channels for some entertaining content.


By Cierra Lemott, Junior, Columbia College Chicago

Instagram: @cece.kodak / @kodakscamera

Written by Cierra Lemott

I'm a professional procrastinator and my hobbies include sleeping, eating, and Netflix binging.

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