‘Black Magic Showcase’ Highlights History Through Dance

Maya Unique, center front, performs with a dance troop during the Black Magic Showcase that she produced. / Photos by Lock

Do you love expressional art that tells deep stories? Then the Black Magic Showcase is a MUST SEE for you!!

The Black Magic Showcase, from the creative mind of Maya Unique, was a captivating performance that used multiple forms of youth-led art to educate the community on Chicago’s rich Black history. The show took place February 18th at 700 E Oakwood Blvd (Carruthers Center), a focal center of the South Side’s Black citizens.

The showcase included dancers and singers of all ages to showcase their depiction of Black history and what it meant for them. With a mix of contemporary, lyrical, hip hop and even some authentic Chicagoan footwork, this show covered all the bases needed to be met in order for the display to connect with each audience member.

Unique, being the creative director, producer, and founder, also danced in the performance, which is definitely a feat that not many have accomplished (cue the applause!!). The show was mainly cast choreographed, and everyone had the opportunity to showcase their skills with the genre that best fit them.  The show was around 90 minutes long, and consisted of around 15-20 pieces. A short 10-minute intermission with live music was included. Everything was put together nicely and the experience was enjoyable as a whole.

The event was sponsored by the Girls Like Me Project run by Lakeisha Gray-Sewell and Carruthers Center For Inner City Studies.

Unique thanks the audience for their support.

Being in such a warm and fun environment definitely lifted my spirits a ton, and I walked away with a bunch of knowledge I didn’t have before. This one-day event was a great opportunity to support the Chicago youth in our community. If you missed it there may be another chance for you to catch it next year around the same time.

To follow Unique and see her next projects, check out her instagram, @maya__unique. See you at the next show!


By Jada Strong, freshman, Whitney Young Magnet

Twitter/Instagram: @JadaStrongg


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Written by Jada Strong

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