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Brady and the Patriots, AGAIN?

Wow, and just like that, Tom Brady and the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl for the third straight year, this time against the Los Angeles Rams. Last year, they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33, and the whole world was happy that they had lost. There comes a point in sports when a team is hated so much for being so good. The Patriots fall into this category.  Another example would be the Golden State Warriors. However, for some reason, there is way more hate towards the Patriots this year than ever before, and Brady is here for it. During a recent press conference, when asked about dealing with haters Brady said, “We love ‘em. We love ‘em back. Because we don’t hate back…”.

Following the big win in overtime against the Kansas City Chiefs, Brady appeared happier than ever, and it seems as if he really wants this ring. Throughout the season, his team has been hit with injuries, and overall there is less talent than there has been before. People also say that he’s too old, which is true since he’s 41, but not even age has taken a toll on his terrific playstyle.

Brady is 5-3 in Super Bowl appearances, and holds the record for the most Super Bowl rings. Winning this Sunday would make his sixth astounding win and sixth piece of bling. Many players don’t even make it to the Super Bowl, let alone get there nine times. When asked if Brady’s career will be done after this Sunday, he gave a plain and simple answer, “Zero.” Who knows how many more title games he’ll be in, since clearly no one can stop him. Maybe age will be the thing that finally puts him. Who knows. Only time will tell.


By Angel Brito, Senior, Lane Tech

Instagram: brito.angel35


Written by TrueStar Staff

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