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Brittney Griner: Drops 50 Points, A Dunk, A Win, A Couple Titles And A Few Records!

Brittney Griner: The ‘G’ is for GREATNESS!

Brittney Griner does it again! After breaking the Big 12 record for field goals and points, Brittney ends her last home game of her career with not a bang, but a DUNK! Not having dunked at home since her freshman season, Brittney is now at 14 dunks: one dunk shy of the total combined dunks in women’s basketball history! In addition to her 50 points and a dunk, Griner was able to pull out a win for her team, keeping the Baylor Lady Bears #1 and undefeated in the conference. This performance also landed Griner to become the 2nd top scorer in women’s basketball history, which could even move to the top scorer of all time, depending on her performance in the final four.

Will there be a Griner-Diggins match up again this year? I’m not sure, but I’m definitely ready for the March Madness and we all know I’m #TeamGriner!

Not a Griner fan? Still a hater? Not too into women’s basketball? Take a look at these clips and Griner just may be able to change your mind!

Brittney Griner: Stat Recap

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Written by Subria Whitaker

Subria A. Whitaker is a J.D. Candidate at The University of Chicago Law School. She received her bachelor's degree with honors and Distinction in Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and her master's degree in Sports Administration from Northwestern University. Subria became a TrueStar in 2010, and is a graduate of Morgan Park High School.


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