Bulls Build Community Through Hoops

The teams that participated in the Bulls Chicago Coalition for Intercommunalism Basketball Tournament included Zealous, Maafa, ConTextos, and Healthy Hood. / Photos by Lock

The Chicago Bulls are doing their part to reduce the gun violence in Chicago. The Bulls community kicked of Chicago Coalition for Intercommunalism Basketball Tournament at the Advocate Center. The basketball tournament consisted of four organizations: Zealous, Maafa, ConTextos, and Healthy Hood. Each organization came in with family and friends to enjoy the event. Healthy hoods kicked it off with the welcomes and then they begin to stretch to get ready for the hoops. “The tournament was fun,” said Chicago rapper D-Low who repped Healthy Hood. “It feels good to be able to change the community and bring everyone together. Chicago is not only violence we have to show the world we can come together to end violence among each other. We have to show that we can go out and have a good time without anything negative happening.”

The tournament consisted of four games with Healthy Hoods taking on ConTextos, and Zealous taking on Maafa. Healthy Hood won the first game 60-45 and Zealous won the second game 55-48. Healthy Hood went on and win the championship over Zealous holding the crown for the best in the tournament.

There were many in attendance, including Arne Duncan former chief executive officer of Chicago and former secretary of education. Duncan stated, “The goal is to bring Chicago back together and end gun violence. Many families and friends were impacted due to the violence of Chicago. This is just a start to something great, you just have to trust the vision and pray for the best.”

The overall tournament was excellent and I believe it can make a huge impact if well executed. Yes, it will take time, but like Duncan said, trust the process and pray for the best. According to reports, Chicago has seen a decrease in gun violence by investing in youth violence prevention programs. Let’s hope this progress continues.


By Christopher Lockridge

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Written by Christopher Lockridge

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