Business Keeps Booming for Rihanna

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky pose in a campaign for Fenty Skin.

She has done it again. Yes, Rihanna has found yet another way into my pockets, this time with her skincare line Fenty Skin.

The singer turned entrepreneur has made it so that her customers can look as flawless as she does. “Fenty skin is everything I wish I had back then. I wanted it to feel approachable, easy, and take the pressure off choosing a routine, so I created one for everyone,” Rihanna said in the product’s official press release.

Not only is Fenty Skin for women, but it’s also for men to maintain a beneficial skin regimen. This iconic photo shown above of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky for the product campaign for Fenty Skin truly had me sold. I mean, look at them. Are you kidding me? Using Rihanna and A$SP Rocky together for a promo has done nothing but hyped both genders to get their hands on Fenty Skin as soon as possible. These A-listers are two of the most copied and styled icons in the industry. (Perfect pick Rih.)

Her 100 percent cruelty-free skin care products will be exclusively available on Prices ranging from $25 to $35. Rihanna has again managed to remain reasonable with her product’s prices. This makes her Fenty Skin line even more accommodating and desired, especially since we know Rihanna doesn’t put her face on anything that doesn’t meet her high standards.

I will definitely be investing my coins into her Fenty Skin line, just like how I do with her Fenty Beauty products. Rihanna never seems to disappoint when it comes to products she sponsors and perfects, so I will definitely remain loyal to her brands. She’s launching three 2-in-1 products, a cleanser and makeup remover, toner and serum, and a moisturizer and sunscreen. Some customers were even able to catch a bundle deal to purchase the three products for $75.

I’ll be back with the reviews soon. Hopefully I’ll feel and look as lavish and glowy as Rihanna herself.


By Kori Barnes, Junior, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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