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Bye-Bye Acne! 5 Tips To A Fresh Face


Barrinton Russell

We all know the feeling: your fit is nice, your hair is nice, but that pimple is ruining your vibe! Sometimes a few bumps clouding your face can be a self-esteem killer, and it’s not difficult to be discouraged when you break out. However, clear skin is not unattainable! Here are five simple tips to gear you towards your journey to clear skin.

Increase Your Daily Water Intake

When you do not implement enough water into your diet, your skin will suffer, as your body is not receiving the proper nutrients it needs to be healthy. If you do not already, start carrying a water bottle to fill up whenever you are thirsty. Experts recommend eight eight-ounce glass per day to help flush away the toxins that can show up on your face.

Switch Up Your Skincare Routine

If your skin continuously acts out when you apply certain products, that product may be triggering break outs. With this being said, don’t be afraid to try new a product! Your skin just may love it.

Use A Facial Mask

A skin mask is always beneficial to your skin. A bentonite clay mask, which can be ordered on Amazon, pulls all toxins from your skin that a simple face wash cannot reach. A face mask every couple of days may be all your skin needs to be clear.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

How do you expect to drink pop and eat fried foods and have clear skin? It won’t work! A completely healthy diet is not always attainable at this age, but a reduction of unhealthy foods is certainly possible. In order to have clear skin, replace a bag of chips with a piece of fruit or a your favorite veggie. Remember that clear skin starts from the inside out.

Use A Proper Toner

Toners are completely slept on! A good toner can make or break your skin routine. If you have oily skin, a toner can reduce bumps caused from excess oil produce by your skin glands. Witch hazel is an excellent and cheap toner you can get from any drugstore.

It is always nice to have clear skin, but remember, we are teenagers! We are prone to breakouts momentarily, and sometimes there is nothing we can do about them. With this being said, never beat yourself up because of something as small as a pimple. Stress can cause breakouts as well, so keep the freakouts to a minimum! Just remember, this too shall pass.


By Sullivan Anderson, Junior, Jones College Prep

Twitter: @amoursullivan

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff

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