Careers That Can Help Save The Planet

Climate change is real! People try to denounce the idea of climate change, but the results of our carefree living are becoming more and more clear every day. We use resources as if they’re never going run out, but evidence shows that our planet is starting to fight back against us. There are small steps that can be taken every day that will show improvement to our environment over time. It’s important during our daily lives we remember to reuse, reduce, and recycle. Small changes throughout the day can make a huge difference and they’re great. For those individuals who want to work on a grander scale and tackle the bigger problems of climate change you should consider looking into the following careers.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers use their background in engineering, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to problems caused by climate change. They design projects that fix environmental problems and they analyze scientific data. In addition to design, they work with competitions and government agencies about cleaning up contaminated sites. The schooling required is a bachelor’s degree in civil, chemical, or general engineering. Annually they pay $87,620 and the job outlook is expected to grow 5 percent.


A legislator is someone who drafts legislation and passed bills into law. The government has the majority of a say in what is acceptable and what isn’t when it comes to the environment. As a legislator, you can be the one that passes laws that regulate corporations. A bachelor’s in law, business, or public administration is idea. Prior work in government business, or management is helpful but it isn’t required. The job pays $42,530 annually. Some key skills include communication, analytical, debating, and committee appointments.

Atmospheric Scientist

An atmospheric scientist studies the weather and climate. They work indoors in weather stations and laboratories. When they work outdoors they examine the weather. They use computer models that analyze data about the atmospheric and conduct research to improve understanding of weather and report current weather conditions. In addition to keeping record of weather patterns they plan and organize outreach programs that educate about weather. Key skills include: analytical, communication, critical thinking, and math. The annual pay is $94,110 and it is expected to grow 8 percent.

Urban and Regional Planners

An urban and regional planner develops plans and programs for land in different communities. They meet with public officials and they work with them to develop land use. Once they’ve created their plans they present projects to communities and planning commissions. They develop plans through analyzed data from environmental studies, consensus, and the economy. They earn $73,050 annually and the job outlook is expected to increase 11 percent. 

With the current administration, our environmental concerns are going to continue to grow. People with possible solutions on how to sustain and develop our planet are going to be in demand. Maybe some day you will be one of those people.


By Triniti Maye, Sophomore, Saint Xavier University

Instagram: t.rinit.i

Written by TrueStar Staff

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