Cast Opens Up About Season 2 of “The Mysterious Benedict Society”

“The Mysterious Benedict Society” is back on Disney+ for season two. This season we are going to see Reynie (Mystic Inscho), Sticky (Seth Carr), Kate (Emmy DeOliveira), and Constance (Marta Kessler). These four very gifted orphans, who were recruited by the eccentric Mr. Benedict, will now head on another mission to save the world, from Mr. Benedict’s twin brother Dr. L.D. Curtain. The kids discover that Mr. Benedict and Number Two have been kidnapped. They must solve the riddles and clues within a dangerous scavenger hunt created by Mr. Benedict to foil another one of Curtain’s schemes. Relying on only their wits, intelligence, and empathy, this group of misfits start on a world-wide adventure by air, land, sea, and pie truck. They will need to call on their skills to solve this mystery and save their lost friends, along the way they experience the pains that come with being a part of their new make-shift “family” while remaining true to themselves.

Being on such a fun and exciting set can lead to having many fun memories. Inscho stated that one of his favorite moments involved having the giggles. “They had a scene where all four of the kids are crammed in a tiny cab, and we’re really close to each other, and when the scene started we couldn’t stop laughing.”

This show continues to have its quirky moments on and off screen, especially when it comes to pranks and laughs. This show will keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat with the twist and turns of the new season. Inscho said that he was looking forward to a variety of things including the “emotional changes all the kids experience and the new locations they venture to. And they go on many cool adventures and solve some awesome puzzles.” Kessler added that the thing she was most excited about this season was being reunited with her castmates.

I’m so excited to watch season two and I hope you are too. If you haven’t seen the show before, Gia Sandhu, who plays Ms. Perumal, offers up a few why you should watch. “It’s an uplifting show that’s hopeful and optimistic, and full of mystery and adventure, and the perfect show to watch with your family.”

This is one series that I recommend to all. If you haven’t watched season one yet, I suggest you head over to Disney+ before the first two episodes of season two drop on October 26th.


By Khloe Thompson

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