Celebrate the Meaning of Flowers

Show someone you care on National Flower Day

Flowers, with their kaleidoscope of colors, covey their very own message. On National Flower Day, let’s explore the meaningful messages they have. An article from House Beautiful wrote about the most popular flowers and what they symbolize. Here are five flowers that might resonate with you.


Roses are typically associated with love. Red for deep romance, pink for admiration, and yellow for friendship. Whether it’s a secret crush or a lifelong friendship, roses are the perfect messenger.


Sunflowers symbolize positivity and joy. Gift them to someone feeling down. It will help brighten their day giving them “lasting happiness and a long fulfilling life.”


Have bright yellow petals and symbolize new beginnings. As people transition into stages in their life a bunch of daffodils can be a reminder that every journey starts with a single step. “If someone’s always on your mind you should send them a daffodil.”


Orchids symbolize beauty and strength. These showcase the power of embracing your uniqueness.


Carnations come in various colors. White for pure love, pink for gratitude or, “I’ll never forget you”. Red is for admiration.

On National Flower Day, take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of flowers. The language of flowers can help you express emotion, reward new beginnings, simply show appreciation. In every petal, there’s a message waiting to bloom learn more about the meanings by visiting


By Jayla Johnson, Illinois State University Alum

Instagram: Jaylalj_


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Written by Jayla Johnson

Jayla Johnson is an Illinois State University alumni and blogger for her own website JJMedia, which spotlights digital creations and interviews people in the field.

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