Chance Is Right

Chicago native Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to express his concerns about how areas of Chicago are being policed during the time of COVID-19. In his tweet he stated, “Yo I seen HUNDREDS of ppl at Millennium Park and pics of even more at the parks on the north side. Outside, no masks, no social distancing, enjoying themselves. Please stop sending large groups of militarized police into our neighborhoods exclusively.” He even tagged Mayor Lightfoot in his post.

This comes after a video was taken of police officers breaking up a get together at 68th and Halsted. Mayor Lightfoot responded to Chance’s tweet stating, “Regarding today’s large unpermitted gathering at Millenium Park: while we respect 1st amendment rights, this gathering posed an unacceptable health risk and was dispersed. No matter where in the city you live, no one is exempt from @GovPritzker’s stay-at-home order.”

Chance later took to the streets to protest the unfair treatment given to the South Side by police. The protest was also done to speak out against police brutality after the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd lost his life as the result of an officer pinning him down on the ground by holding his knee on Floyd’s neck during an arrest.

I don’t blame Chance for what he said. If we’re being honest, it’s all the truth. I’ve watched Mayor Lightfoot’s daily lives practically every day since quarantine and what I’ve noticed is a lack of equity and the constant finger pointing that is taking place when it comes to the South and West Side of Chicago where mainly minorities live. It is very rarely that the North Side is brought into the picture when the topic of parties or get-togethers being dispersed are discussed.

It’s not even “officially” summer yet and already were going into these warmer days with drama. The phrase “We’re all in this together” has been common as we live through these unprecedented times, but now more than ever we need lawmakers and officials in charge to actually prove it.


By Monique Petty-Ashmeade, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Twitter: @writerinthedakr


Written by TrueStar Staff

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