Change Black History Month to Black Excellence Month

Black History Month, a time where Black people all across America celebrate and praise prominent historical Black figures. These figures include political leaders, celebrities and people that broke new ground, but it shouldn’t stop there. We absolutely should talk about our historic leaders and groundbreakers, but we should use this month as a time to celebrate all of the Black excellence in America, past and present. Here’s why Black History Month should promptly be changed to Black Excellence Month.

Black History Month is often a month for history lessons where people learn bits and pieces of Black history, but that shouldn’t be the point of Black Excellence Month. Black history should be taught year round instead of waiting for February to talk about it. Black Excellence Month should instead celebrate past and present Black icons. Heavy on the present part, as Black history is constantly being made. We should celebrate Black people who are breaking ground, creating political change, and simply doing well for themselves and the culture. We should celebrate Black people that have found a way to thrive and promote Black prosperity.

Changing the name from Black History to Black Excellence would change how we celebrate the month, which is needed. I personally think this change would have a great impact on our community, but what do you think? Hit me up and let me know.


By Gary Langfield Jr, Senior, The Noble Academy



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Written by Gary Langfield

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