Chi City Cold

I’m freezing cold right now and if you live in Chicago, or anywhere in the midwest for that matter, you probably feel the same way I do. As I sit here writing this the temperature in Chicago is -16 and the windchill is -36. Ridiculous. School was canceled because it’s just that cold outside. Chicago Public Schools closed their doors. How many times can you honestly remember that happening? Very few. That gives you an idea of just how frigid it is right now.

But if I’m this cold and I’m literally sitting in my house under the heat and wearing layers, how do you think all the homeless people in these cities feel? That’s all I’ve been able to think about for these last few freezing cold days. There are literally thousands of homeless people outside in this cold with inadequate clothing, no food, and no warm place to stay and I wish I could help them all.

It’s been advised by The National Weather Service to stay indoors if possible. We know for some people that’s not possible, but try. There have literally been people who were injured and lost their lives or were severely injured because of these conditions. Luckily for those who don’t have a warm place to stay there are shelters, park districts, and churches that are opening their doors up to them.

Moral of the story: please be safe out here. It’s already bad enough that it’s cold as I don’t know what outside. I don’t want to hear about anyone else being injured or losing their life because of these conditions. Another thing: it was never this cold when Obama was in office lol.


By: Cierra Lemott, Junior, Brooks College Prep

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Cierra Lemott

Written by Cierra Lemott

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