Chi Date Ideas On The Cheap


Going on dates can be expensive. But you don’t always have to spend a lot to go big big or have a good time. Here are some affordable options for date ideas.

Art Institute of Chicago

What better way to showcase your knowledge than going on a date to the museum? The Art Institute wouldn’t necessarily be someone’s first thought when going on a date, but that’s exactly why it’s the best option because it’s unexpected. And the best part is that it is free to all Chicago students as long as they show their student ID.

Garfield or Lincoln Park Conservatory

Botanical gardens is great, but it is extremely far away and expensive. If you’re trying to look at flowers or plants, Garfield or Lincoln Park are an affordable alternative. They are both completely free and have beautiful plants to see. Not only that, but bring your phone or any camera and make it a photoshoot. These places are definitely Insta-worthy!

Millenium Park Movies or AMC $5 Movie Tuesday

Chicago’s very own Millenium Park made date nights easy by offering free movies in the park, ranging from Pixar’s very own Coco, to more serious movies such as Get Out or Slumdog Millionaire. You can have a picnic in the park while watching movies–the perfect date! If you’re looking to watch new movies with your date, the best time to watch them would be on a Tuesday. AMC is now offering $5 movie tickets to any movie every Tuesday, as long as you’re a Stubs member which is completely free to sign up.

Maggie Daley Park

Sometimes it’s good to unleash your inner kid. If you’re looking to have fun, go to Maggie Daley which is completely free and even if you don’t want to get on the slides, there are other things to see in Maggie Daley. You can also just take a walk around the whole park and enjoy the view.

White Sox Game

While the Cubs seem to be the hype in Chicago, you can’t beat the ticket price to go see a Sox Game. While they may not be the best seats, there are tickets starting at $5. You can get pretty good seat for $20 too. Watching a baseball game live could be a new fun experience and the best part is that it’s affordable.

If you have any good ideas for affordable dates, tell us about them in the comment section.


By Veronica Ruiz, Senior, Lane Tech

Twitter: @v.eronicaruiz

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff

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