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Chi Park District Pools To Open In July

Before Chicago’s summer break started, the public beaches were facing a crisis. Because of COVID, lots of lifeguards weren’t coming back, and the city realized they didn’t have enough of them to re-open beaches. The city even started offering incentives for considering lifeguards. Now, going days with hundred degree weather, will beaches and pools open so people can cool off?

According to the Chicago Park District website, the 12th Street, 57th Street, 63rd Street, Calumet, Foster, Hartigan, Helen Doria, Lane, Leone, Loyola, Margaret T. Burroughs, Marion Mahony, Griffin, Montrose, North Avenue, North Shore, Oak Street, Oakwood, Ohio Street, Osterman, Rainbow, South Shore, and Tobey Prinz beaches are all open. In an NBC article, the city has said that they’ve rescheduled the opening of Chicago pools from June 24th to July 5th, because of the lifeguard shortage, which is now a nation-wide problem.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that there’s a 91percent vacancy rate with seasonal lifeguards in the city, so Chicago has sweetened the pot. There’s now a $600 recruitment and retention bonus for seasonal and year-round lifeguards, a $500 referral bonus, a chance for lifeguards to get the job year-round, and waving the city residency rule so people from neighboring suburbs can also apply.

So, if there’s a bright side to not being able to escape the scorching heat, it’s that you have a pretty good chance at securing a lifeguard gig (if you have the proper training, obviously), plus maybe a sweet amount of bonus money while you’re at it. If you want to give others the chance to get out of this insane weather that we’re having, then apply! With enough recruits, the city can open up the pools again sooner than later.


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