Chi Youth Discuss Dating

Chicago police officers connected with local youth to discuss dating. / Photo: Christopher Lockridge

Stanee Wills and Target Arena partnered with the Chicago Police Department to have a talk with the youth of Chicago about dating in honor of February being Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. The event took place this past Friday at 4pm at AFC Center. The event kicked off with King Kunta who is a inspirational rapper from Chicago. King Kunta rapped for the kids to encourage them to maintain good grades in school and to respect one another.

Stanee Willis takes a moment to pose with King Kunta and a Chicago police officer during the event.

After King Kunta wrapped up his session the teens and police officers began to partner up for an activity. Each group played a certain character and based off their decisions they would either end up at the funeral home, pregnant or successful. Willis stated, “This gives the youth an example of the real world, and based off the decisions you make, your life can turn out in different situations.”

Participants break into groups to discuss dating cenarios.

After the activity the teens and CPD then debriefed to talk about what they have learned and how they could make better decisions. Wills also stated that events like this are important because not only can it educate the youth, but it gives them something to do.


By Christopher Lockridge

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Written by Christopher Lockridge

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