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Chicago Fashion: Meet Kelli Anthony


Kelli Anthony, fashion designer and photographer, born on Chicago’s south side, was raised on 79th St. Anthony graduated from Simeon High School and now attends Columbia College. Inspired by New York native Basquiat and pop artist Andy Warhol, Kelli Anthony began his fashion endeavor two years ago and now pursues both fashion and photography. Now 23 years old, Kelli Anthony has 2 acclaimed lines under his developing brand. One line VLUX is described as egyptian, royalty,&  porn. From its exquisite designs to couture feel, VLUX is definitely a brand to wear this spring and summer. For a more urban and laid back feel, Anthony has a SWAVE line. SWAVE is a pop art line described as,“a hug from a distance,” with its teddy bear logo and comical look.

Kelli Anthony’s lines are geared mainly towards women, but he has male pieces as well. When you see a Kelli Anthony piece he wants you to fall in love. One word he uses to describe his line is pornography. Not in a negative light, but to express attraction, love, lust and intimate interaction with his fashion vision. Coming summer 2013 you can look forward to more DOPE styles.  Spread the word and rock out with the latest VLUX & SWAVE designs by clicking here –>KELLI ANTHONY

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