Chicago Police No Longer Responding To 911 Calls

images (1)Imagine walking into your Chicago home and it has been completely invaded and wrecked.Now, imagine calling the police and them politely asking you is the intruder still in your home?Lastly,imagine saying no and the police saying they are not sending a dispatcher to your home then!

Feeling a little confused or mad right?Yeah, I thought so!Well,police will no longer be responding to the following incidents: robbery, car thefts, garage burglaries,vandalism,check frauds, obscene phone calls, or threatening phone calls.According to Chicago police, it does not make sense to respond to incidents that are not in immediate danger.Instead,they will be adding more cops to the streets.

Okay, now this done made me super mad.A little over a month ago my grandmother had a home invasion.She is an 80 year old terrified woman now.How do they know if the intruder is gone and won’t come back? It feels safer when a trained cop comes and looks at the damage and secures the area.That is their job!That is like a doctor being told, if the patient comes in with a cold or a headache,don’t treat them.Regardless of the issue you do your job to the best of your abilities, whether it is immediate danger or not.If it is not immediate danger than it may become just that.

Chicago is having real issues and need to get them together..QUICK! watch the video here Chicago Police.

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Written by Eri Loves


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