Jhené Aiko: “Chilombo,” The Album We’ve Been Longing For

Our good sis, Jhené recently dropped her third studio album and can I just say… WOW!

The album had me crying and wanting to be in love. It even had me fixing my crown so I could act like the queen that I know I am deep down inside. 

From Sail Out, to Souled Out, Trip, and then Chilombo, Jhené has consistently given us albums that have defined our lives. In just two days, Chilombo became the number one most streamed album on Apple Music. 

Jhené took her time with this album and gave us her very best. She went to Hawaii and surrounded herself with singing bowls, healing crystals, and incense. Each song has healing properties, balances our chakras, and cleanses our soul. It’s almost as if Jhené took us on her journey of healing, self-love, and self-discovery, so we too could be inspired to have our own. Jhene’s good energy is poured through each song and radiates to the listener. 

The album is meditative, mellow, and spiritual. It starts as a bitter farewell to her relationship with Big Sean through the single, “None of Your Concern.” 

“Get your b**** a** off of my phone, please leave me alone

I am not your girl anymore, you need to watch your tone”

It then transitions into a period of reconciliation and healing, starting with the song “Born Tired.” 

“Cause look at how far you have come

And look at all that you have going

Look at who you have become

Baby, you gotta keep going” 

All of you Jhené fans may remember this verse from “W.A.Y.S.”

There is not one bad song. At all!! Jhené’s soulful and peaceful voice doesn’t seem to be overpowered by the verses of Future, and Miguel in “Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)”.

Jhené never misses and this album was definitely a hit. It’s what we all needed to heal, to cry, and to party. So, what are you waiting for? Go stream Chilombo on all platforms now, if you haven’t already!


By Jada Daniel, Beloit College, Freshman

Twitter: @tgijadaaaa

Jada Daniel

Written by Jada Daniel

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