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ChiTeen Lit Fest!

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Chicago is much more than a hunting ground for our young colored man, and much more than a place where most of our youth develop anxiety to get away from.

What it is though, is a hunting and breeding ground for young creatives. One of the greatest cities in the world is home to the greatest organizations for teens and by teens. Like Truestar, the ChiTeen Lit Fest gives young artistic people a place to learn and grow, thankfully I was able to be a contributor to this festival’s branding team!

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Through the contributions made from many of the city’s biggest companies, the event was a success! Over the course of 2 days 400+ teens were brought to the Harold Washington library, and Columbia College to experience one of the cultivating spots for young creatives in Chicago.


Headliners included comic book executives The Sun Bros, poet Nate Marshall, author Eric May and Megan Stielstra, as well as music journalist Tara Mahadevan. With panels, readings, and workshops going on all throughout the day, the Open Mic was the perfect ending.

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As a member of the ChiTeen Lit Fest staff team, I want to thank all of our guests, contributors, sponsors, panelists, headliners, and anything in between for making this event possible!

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