Chris Brown X Quavo Beef; Newest Diss Tracks Released

Chris Brown and Quavo go head-to-head with diss tracks.

R&B artist Chris Brown has shocked fans and critics with his latest diss pen.

It’s no surprise that Brown and Quavo have been beefing for a few years in the public eye, but it’s only on occasion where the attention is brought back onto the issue. However, since the beginning of the year it seems that favorite artists’ are starting to take diss shots at another, unapologetically, and it’s coming from all directions at this point. In this latest rap beef, Brown has released a diss track against Migos rapper, Quavo, which has caused fans to virally spread the released track titled “Weakest Link,” on YouTube  and throughout all social media platforms.

In the intro of the track, there’s a warning about either settling beef with class or some gangsta sh*t. Then it transitions into a real voicemail left by Quavo for Chris Brown where he pleads “Ay Chris, I don’t want no issues bruh. I don’t want no smoke, I don’t want to fight you, I don’t want to do nothing, bruh. Like, please bruh …” Honestly, I’m sure that Quavo never thought that anyone other than Breezy would ever hear that voicemail, but now both fans reacted to the level of exposing behind the scenes of what’s really going on. Brown then begins his rap chorus stating, “Who want smoke with me? Who want smoke with C?”. Throughout the rest of the track, Brown re-establishes his dominance in the industry regardless of if he’s an R&B singer. Not only does Brown directly say that Quavo is a “b*tch with dreads,” but he proceeds to boast that he got his lick back from Quavo having sexual relations with another woman he knew since he allegedly slept with his ex while he was with her, alluding that the something “sweet” is rapper, Saweetie.

Of course, this had fans and critics immediately take to their social media to discuss this revelation, how Brown rapped about the 2021 physical altercation between Quavo and Saweetie that occurred in an elevator, and definitely the statement that Brown rapped that Migos rapper, Takeoff, who was the best member in their group and that everyone wished that Quavo died instead of him. Since then, Saweetie has not addressed the rap beef occurring between the two, but she’s deciding to use the publicity to her advantage while promoting her upcoming single, “Nani” which is about having pretty privilege and amazing sexual relations. This has caused fans to speculate whether she did or didn’t cheat on Quavo after his previous cheating rumors throughout their relationship, but they definitely support Saweetie nonetheless.

As everyone has waited for Quavo’s response diss track titled “Over H*es and B*tches,” fans and critics were disappointed across social media that he didn’t come close to Breezy’s diss. Even after Quavo rapped that he “can take a model b*tch and make her Saweetie, nigga,” she then proceeded to post a screenshot from this past Janaury of Quavo still in her DM’s on Instagram. I’m not sure what’s in the air, but the rap industry is only heating up this year.


By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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