Christine Blasey Ford Is The New Symbol Of Courage

Christine Blasey Ford testifies about sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, U.S., September 27, 2018. Saul Loeb/Pool via REUTERS – RC18315B3500

Since the #MeToo movement, numerous sexual assault victims and sexual harassment allegations have come into the spotlight within all career fields. More and more women are gaining the courage to speak up against men in power who have previously sexually assaulted them.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is in the news for having recently accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault at a party in the 1980s during their high school years. When deciding to come forward almost 40 years after the alleged incident, she struggled on whether or not sharing her experience would do any justice or even be worth it. According to The Washington Post, Blasey Ford said, “I was…wondering whether I would just be jumping in front of a train that was headed to where it was headed anyway, and that I would just be personally annihilated.” Ultimately, she decided that coming forth with her story was worth public scrutiny because what seems to be the everlasting train of men sexually assaulting women needs to end.

Blasey Ford, 53, put her entire professional career on the line by accusing Kavanaugh. Her efforts to bring attention to this important matter signifies her resilience of advocating that women should never be caught and torn by a man’s actions, not awarded for their disgusting behavior. She has become a symbol of courage against this train of the never ending cycle of sexual abuse by men in power.

Even though every woman in the world may not come forward to bring their known abusers to justice, Blasey Ford can signify hope for the future. Her bravery and courage can be absolutely strengthening for someone else to speak out. That no matter who the man is or how high his position is ranked, justice should be sought after.

Christine Blasey Ford has decided her voice is significant, regardless of the stakes she’s putting her reputation and character up against. The train will continue to go on until courage decides it’s time to stop it.


By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Freshman

Twitter: @korixnicole

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff

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