Cincinnati Teen Earns Rare Perfect ACT Score

Test like the SAT, ACT, GRE, and LSAT are very scary things to prepare for. The highest score you can get on the ACT is 36, which may seem like an impossible achievement. According to reports, most people average a score of 20.8 and most colleges accept a score of 18 or higher.

As of 2018, only 0.195 percent of all test takers earn a 36 making it the rarest score to get. Yet this year 17 students at Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati, OH, got that perfect score. In addition that, 23 students at the school earned a 35. Meoshea Britt, now an incoming senior at Walnut Hills, is one of those rare people to score a 36. He told TSL how much disbelief he was in when he got news of his score by email. “I thought it was like a prank or a fake. And then my score report came [in the mail] and it was a 36, so I was very, very excited. [But] at first I thought it wasn’t true.”

Britt didn’t just magically get that perfect score. He prepared for it. “A practice test is definitely the best way to study because it gives you a benchmark of where you are,” said Britt. “After I did my first practice test I saw how well I did and I felt less pressure. Of course I wanted to do better, but I wasn’t as worried as I would have been had I not taken the practice test.”

Remember that you can take the ACT until you feel satisfied with your score. Telling you not to stress about these tests won’t make a difference, just make sure you prepare yourself as much as possible.

If your ACT score was something you’d rather forget about, Britt has some advice you might want to take note of. “Don’t stress your score too much. It’s not a measurement of your self-worth.” He added, “Go on and take it again, study more, and try to do better the next time.”


By Jordan Danae, Northern Illinois University Alumna

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Written by Jordan Danae

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