City Girls Return with ‘RAW’

The City Girls are back with their third studio album RAW.

The hot duo better known as the City Girls isn’t breaking up anytime soon.

Fans have been highly anticipating the release of the City Girls’ new album RAW since it’s been delayed over the years after their leaked sophomore project mishap City on Lock in 2020. Although this duo are two of the hottest and aesthetically pleasing inspirations for women in the industry, they get tired of hearing the haters and critics who always have something negative to say. However, the City Girls believe their third studio album release will silence the haters and they hope it’ll make them fall back in love with them.

As both women are maneuvering their way throughout the music and entertainment industry with new projects, they’ll always come back to their roots of how they started their journey to fame together. Despite all odds stacked against them, they’ve pushed through and are excited for fans to witness the growth. “It’s like a stepping stone,” JT tells Variety. “You know how sometimes you just feel like you see everything coming together, but you’ve waited for it to happen for so long? I just feel so excited. I feel like it’s going to shut a lot of people up too. I feel like a lot of people are going to tune in just to have something to say, and when they finally listen to it, they’re going to like it.”

Their album RAW, which is an acronym for meaning “Real A** Wh****,” may be controversial to critics, but the City Girls are sticking true to their brand from the very start. This album is a combination of previous snippet released tracks, JT’s trending “No Bars,” “Show Me the Money,” “Work for It,” and more, that demands respect from suitors and competitors but also the importance of having a luxurious life with their world in their hands. Their X-rated lyrics are far from surprising, but fans will get a unique pop record from the City Girls that they’ve never ventured into before on “Flashy” featuring Kim Petras. According to Variety, “ “We never really did a pop record,” says JT, who explains she heard a few different people on the hook before deciding Petras was the best fit. “It’s an experiment for the both of us. You just never know, and I feel like it’s just us trying something new.”

Although fans are appreciative that one of their fav girl groups have finally released a new album, they’ve taken to social media to express their shock of the duo’s album sales within the first week. According to hotnewhiphop, “The album is projected to land somewhere between 6k and 8k sales in its first week. Those numbers are pretty disappointing for a pair whose previous album debuted in the top 30 of the Billboard 200.” Hopefully sales will have an increase over the next few weeks and that we’ll get some more projects from the City Girls soon.


By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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