College Living: Manage Your Time, Manage Your Life

Going from high school to being independent in college sounds fun, and it is. You’re on your own for a while, probably for the first time, which can take some getting used to. Mom or dad won’t be there to wash your clothes or cook for you, but I think it’s a great way to adapt to life on your own after college. But there is one thing that is very hard to manage that doesn’t ever come back, and that’s time.

Managing time in college is very difficult, especially while you’re going through transitioning changes such as actually realizing that you’re on your own, or if you get sick, or a time zone difference. This is something I’m currently learning firsthand as I navigate through my freshman year of college. Here are some tips that I’ll pass on to you.

Buy A Calendar

Having a physical calendar on your wall can seriously help you visually see what’s due or what you need to do for the week. I use both a physical and digital one on my phone. The digital one is for class times and meetings, and the physical one is for big test due dates or quizzes and papers that are due.

Seek Advice From Experienced College Students

Talking to someone who’s a senior or who’s been in your shoes before can certainly help. Maybe you like something that they tell you or you like how they work their schedule throughout the day. You can incorporate that into your own daily routine. A more experienced student will also tell you how to balance a social life along with a studying life. You shouldn’t be in the books 24/7. If you are you’ll miss out on a lot of the college experience, and nobody wants that.

There are many more tips, but these two are key to getting off to a good start. Mixing college life with the 24 hours that are in a day is really hard, but figuring out a way to successfully manage it will be totally worth it in the end. These tips doesn’t just work for college students. If you’re still in high school this info will work for you too.


By Angel Britocastro, College of the Holy Cross, Freshman

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Angel Britocastro

Written by Angel Britocastro

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