College Registration Tips

It’s registration week for most colleges! Here’s your guide for that turbulent mess that is choosing your classes for the spring semester.

Step one: Be on top of it. You’ll probably get a specific time for being able to choose classes, but don’t wait too long after that time! Classes can fill up quickly, and if you have an eye on one that seems especially cool, be sure to be one of the first ones on the website signing up.

Step two: Just get it over with. I think it’s safe to say that most of us would rather not have to take math or science courses, but unfortunately we don’t get much of a choice. Rather than waiting until your junior or senior to take them, just do it now. Especially math. It’s pretty easy to fail that class if you’re not careful, so instead of scrambling at the last minute, so close to graduation, get the hardest class over with in your upcoming semester.

Step three: Consider your options. Some schools have much harder math and science courses than others. For that reason you might want to consider community college courses. Over summer break, instead of taking them at your normal school, you could register to take those classes you know are gonna be tough over at city and community colleges. They’re more likely to be way easier. If you’re worried about spending your summer in school, it’s just one class a week for a couple hours. This is a great way to get that stress off your shoulders for yourself.

Reg week can be a really stressful time, especially since it feels like school JUST started, you’re not even sure if you like it yet, and you already have to think about the next semester. Following these tips are guaranteed to give you the breather you’ve been looking for.

What classes are you looking forward to? Are you taking them next semester? Let me know!


By Inti Navia, Freshman, Columbia College Chicago

All Platforms: @intinavia


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Written by Inti Navia

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