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Cooley Univercity: Cooler Than A Cooler

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Cooley Univercity was founded last February in Chicago, IL by 20-year-old Devin Jackson, also known as “Devo Fresh“. Devin is an Eastern Illinois dropout and Chicago Eastside resident. After leaving EIU, Devin had a dream that led to his solo career with Cooley University. Inspired by close friends Marquis Herron, owner of Doobie Clothing, and friend Francois, also known as Dj Frankie, February 10th 2012 marked his first day of an established clothing designer. He began getting his exposure through fashion shows. Last spring Cooley Univercity was featured in five fashion shows and attracted customers from Washington, to Georgia, to Ohio. Cooley Univercity consists of t-shirts, crew-neck sweaters, hooded sweaters and is still looking to expand in other areas of fashion.

With all of the unnecessary violence in Chicago and glorification of guns, drugs, and money, Cooley Univercity is here to provide a positive message through fashion. Devin states, the name “Cooley Univercity“, means “its cool to go to school“. Even though he is a college dropout, he does understand the importance of education and wants youth to chase their dream whether it is in the classroom or not.

Cooley Univercity is geared to adults, teens, children and toddlers. He likes to show individuality and not compete with other designers, but rather be competed with. He wants the community to support and purchase his clothing because it sends a positive message, and can relate to a person of any age. Blood, sweat, and cool tears has gone into this line and there is more hard work to come.

Cooley Univercity began a 2013 line called “Cooley Love” released at the end of January. Cooley Univercity wishes to appeal to people of all ages, send positive messages and look cool while doing it! Coming soon, they will have a vendor at the Color Me Bad fashion show March 15th, at the Congress Hotel, as well as, walk in the Beautiful People fashion show, May 9th on 84th and Cicero.

For more details, contact Devin on Instagram.
Their shop page is now open at and visit their Instagram which is a virtual lookbook @CooleyUnivercity, so please FOLLOW THEM! Support this new, cool, swaggy, and positive clothing line.

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