Could “Wanna Be” be the Song of the Summer?

The Hottie side of TikTok has been gagged once again by Glorilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s ability to have everybody and their grandma outside right before the summertime. Glorilla came into the rap scene in April 2022 with “FNF, ” While Megan, also known as “Tina Snow” drew in her hottie fan base when dropping “Fever” in May 2019, giving us the era of “Hot Girl Summer.”

Both artists have undeniably shaped summer as we know it by releasing their music just when the weather breaks, resulting in cities dancing on top of cars and the term being “outside not in.” And now in 2024, they’ve both done it again, through their latest collaboration “Wanna Be” by Glorilla featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Fans are already outside yelling “Get em’  Glo,” and deeming it as “The Song of The Summer” and it’s only April.

But there’s a nostalgic twist to the recent drop that explains why fans love the song so much. “Wanna Be” samples the iconic Soulja Boy’s  “Pretty Boy Swag.” Remember that beat that had our parents leaning and rocking with it in the 00s? “Pretty Boy Swag” is a Black cookout staple, among, of course, cupid shuffle and other Black staple line dances and party music. Soulja Boy’s mark on the Hip-Hop/Pop culture industry simply cannot be denied. From pioneering viral digital-internet marketing as the first rapper to promote his music and document his life on platforms like MYSpace and YouTube to now making us laugh, claiming that everyone is inspired by him on social media. Soulja continues to influence even our most current favorite artists’ music.

His Iconic-ness could serve as a contribution to fans’ excitement with Meg and Glo’s recent drop. Especially since his appearance in Sexyy Red’s “Get it Sexyy” music video,  where he’s seen dancing in his infamous “Soulja Boy” glasses from the ’00s, bringing us back to such a memorable era, which draws excitement and nostalgia into “Wanna Be.”

As the weather breaks, and we enter one of the best seasons, it’s time to defrost your inner-hottie and NEVER be inside. If you haven’t already,  listen to “Wanna Be” and let me know if you think it’ll be the anthem of the summer.


By Journey Powell, Freshman, Spelman College

Instagram: journeyaliah


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Written by Journey

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