COVID-19 Hitting Blacks The Hardest In The Chi

We are learning more about COVID-19 every day, and recently released data about Chicago revealed something new about this virus. Experts are saying that in the city, Blacks make up 52 percent of the COVID-19 cases and 72 percent of the deaths from the virus, according to WGN News. The Illinois Department of Public Health reported that Black people make up 29 percent of the state’s confirmed cases while they only make 15 percent of the state’s population but 41percent of the deaths from COVID-19. There’s a large gap in all the recent data numbers and it’s hinting at the disparities within these communities.

Early on were told the coronavirus is believed to seriously affect those who are older, have underlying conditions, also referred to as “comordid” conditions, like hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and compromised immune systems. Many of these health issues are often found in Black people. Historically, Black communities in Chicago have experienced a lack of resources which has resulted in healthcare disparities. This is showing itself during this global pandemic as those with compromised healthcare circumstances are contracting the virus and dying because of it.

It’s sad that the government and health officials aren’t being more transparent about the reality of the disease. More people are in danger and susceptible than we think which can be harmful as we reach the peak of this disease.


By Kyla Hubbard, Senior, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

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Kyla Hubbard

Written by Kyla Hubbard

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