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Ever wanted to develop your own app, but couldn’t because you didn’t have the money? Well, here’s your chance.

Discord has launched a new program in which participants can pitch an app idea for a chance to receive funding. Whether you’re a solo hobbyist, or have a team of friends, you can submit any interesting, fun, helpful, or exciting app idea that will be featured as a part of Discord’s overall platform.

The program is divided into five distinct app categories:

*Apps for Artists, a category to boost creativity through art

*IRL Impact, a category to aid local communities

*Mini-Games, a category to add fun games for users to play

*Learning, a category to support education

*Wildcard, a category that might not fit in with the others, for your own niche interests

The top pitch in each category will receive $5,000 in funding to make their app, and an additional $10,000 if the app is completed within 60 days. Participants must either be 18 or older, or between ages 13-18 with parental consent.

The voting will be done by a panel of selected judges including Discord’s VP of Engineering, Prachi Gupta and Netflix’s Brand Manager, Colin Parajon. They’ll judge each app on creativity, innovation, potential impact, and “downright coolness,” as it says in Discord’s official blog announcement.

Discord hopes that participants will see this not just as a funding opportunity, but a chance to uplift those who use their platform. They want to offer a space for collaboration and to represent different communities, saying, “We want the developers behind an app pitch to be a part of the audience the app is for.” That means they want to see these various communities on not just the app user side, but also the development side. They hope to expand the possibilities of app creation and those who are creating.

Submissions are open now until October 10th, and winners will be announced November 7th. For more information, you can view Discord’s App Pitches Program.


By Caileigh Winslade, Freshman, DePaul University

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Written by Caileigh Winslade

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