‘Creed III’ Is A Total Knockout!

Latest instalment might be the best in the trilogy

Creed III, starring Micheal B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors, earned $56.8 million domestically in its opening weekend.

Yesterday, I attended the True Star screening of the latest installment in the Creed franchise directed by Micheal B. Jordan, who also starred alongside Jonathan Majors. Creed III stands out in the trilogy due to how dramatic and personal the story is. It even competes with some of the best Rocky movies because the antagonist in this movie was so well developed, leading to an impactful fight at the end. Jordan deserves massive props for directing this film because it feels so different, but it still has the same spirit as all the other films under the Rocky umbrella that we know and love. I´m going to break down the little differences from the Rocky formula that went a long way, and let you know where it stands with Creed I and II.

I would say that the conflict between the two main characters in this film is the most personal in the franchise. The story follows Creed as he reunites with his childhood friend, Major’s character–Damian Anderson, who was imprisoned for 18 years. The conflict comes in when we find out that Creed was with him when he was arrested but ran while he was being arrested. On top of that, Creed didn’t communicate with him at all while he was on the inside. This conflict formula led to some great character work for ALL characters in the film and I really liked that. I love that the time we spend between fights is filled with this type of drama. Typically with movies in this franchise, if it’s not a boxing scene or training montage the story can drag, but that’s not the case here.

Moving on to the action element of the film, the boxing was absolutely phenomenal. The way Creed moves in his boxing matches differ greatly from Rocky’s and I’ve always appreciated that with the Creed trilogy. With this film, they put an emphasis on the way Creed moves by putting it on full display with really entertaining slow-mo shots and excellent choreography. There are a total of three fights in the film and each one compelling for different reasons. The climactic fight being the most fun to watch with new elements added in to spice up the formula.

Creed was an emotional and dramatic spectacle that everybody should see. I think it stands tall with all the Rocky movies, as the best movie in the Creed trilogy. Run up the numbers for Micheal B Jordan´s directorial debut (a domestic opening of $56.8 milli) because he knocked it out the ring.


By Gary Langfield Jr. Senior, The Noble Academy Senior



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Written by Gary Langfield

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