CTA Fare Hikes In 2013!

Yes, the CTA will be hiking up fares starting next year! If you live in Chicago and use the CTA regularly, this will definitely be affecting you! The fare hikes will be for the multi-ride passes such as the one-day which will be increasing from $5.75 to $10, the 3 day pass from $14 to $20, the 7 day from $23 to $28 and the 30 day pass from $86 to $100! Also to go from O’Hare into the city will increase from $2.25 to $5!

Luckily, the single rides such as those with a Transit card will remain the same, $2 for bus and $2.25 for train, respectively. Either way these price increases will really affect Chicagoans who may already have a hard time paying CTA fares. What do you think about these price hikes? Will you continue to use the CTA? Click the video link below to hear more about the fare hikes!


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Written by Chioma


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