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Cuffing Season: How To Know Your Ex Wants You Back

It’s getting cold and we all know what that means: Cuffing season is approaching. The rush to cop a boo can be overwhelming during the fall. Often, even if you don’t want a serious commitment, peer pressure and the feeling of loneliness can tempt you into scouting by attending football games, going to parties, and going to the mall in search of someone to kick it with. We all know what’s off limits, though: the ex. You may not want to be in their proximity, but here are five signs that they miss you.

They stalk your social media.
How come he doesn’t follow you, but watches your Instagram story? How come he claims not to care about you, but is the first to view your Snapchat story? Don’t believe what they’re saying, apparently, your old shorty still cares about what you’re up to.


They’re popping up at events you attend.
If they seem to pop up at every party you’re at or every football game you go to, they want your attention. If you plan to pay them no mind, look past them to show that you’re unphased by their presence. If you all are cool, speak to ensure there are no hard feelings.

They’re asking your friends about you.
“We not together, but I get the info on you cause I’m nice to your friends. They shouldn’t have Scorpiontold me but they did,” Drake famously quoted in “Blue Tint” on his Scorpion album, and he was right. Often times, if exes can’t successfully reach you, they reach out to your friends to see what you’re up to. If you’re uncomfortable with this, tell your friends to keep your status confidential.

They text you.
“Hey big head.” We’ve all received the text before, but the question poses: Will you fall for the trap? If you want no parts of the contraption, make good use of your block button. If you don’t plan to utilize your block button, then be sure to let your ex know that you don’t plan to be romantically involved again–unless you want to.


They’re trying to make you jealous.
Nothing is worse than enjoying your day, then BOOM, there’s your ex with his/her new flame on Snapchat, Instagram, or in person. If this bothers you, then do a self check-in and give yourself time to completely get over your ex. Before you partake in any new relationship, you should start on a completely clean slate.

Your ex might not be done with you, but if the relationship was unhealthy, make sure you leave them in the dust for good! I wish you all the best cuffing season ever.


By Sullivan Anderson, Junior, Jones College Prep

Snapchat: @justcallmesully

Twitter: @amoursullivan

Written by Sullivan Anderson

I am a culture journalist who is passionate about anything that has to do with #blackgirlmagic and #blackboyjoy. Oh, and you can always catch me routing for the black family on Family Fued!

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