Deja Dent & Diamond Price: The Ladies Behind D’Luxe Wig Supply

Deja Dent, 20, and Diamond Price, 19, came together to create D’Luxe Wig Supply. It is their confidence and determination for their hair company that is keeps them moving forward day by day. “Our biggest inspiration is ourselves. I don’t honestly believe anyone inspires us more than we inspire ourselves,” said Dent. “Diamond and I created this business without any doubt. We just knew this was for us and we took that chance. What motivates us is just knowing that there is so much more to life then where we are at right now. By being the best we can be to be, where we don’t have to think about going to a nine to five, really motivates us to work harder and be consistent.”

Deja Dent

Many people dream of being their own boss, but not everyone has the same work ethic to make that happen. For both Dent and Price, the first step toward entrepreneurship was attending college. Dent currently attends Harris Stowe State in Missouri but has plans on transferring. She is majoring in business marketing and minoring in computer information systems. Price is currently attending the University of Arizona Global Campus and is majoring in business administration.

Every boss hopes that their business is a success. Dent and Price are no different. They are using positive thinking and faith to propel them forward. “I plan on opening as many beauty supply stores as possible,” said Dent. “There are so many beauty supply stores that are not Black owned. I want at least two locations in Chicago, my home town. I plan on moving to ATL, so one there at least, and many more as time moves on.”

Price added, “I see our business flourishing in the future. There’s nothing we can’t do as long as we stay consistent. Within a two-year span I believe we can open our first beauty supply/warehouse.”

Two young ladies working at navigating their own business from different states is not an easy thing to do, but they are taking the challenges in stride. “Honestly there weren’t too many problems. Just the usual testing out vendors to see whose hair we liked the best. That can be frustrating,” said Price. “But honestly, I truly feel like we didn’t have too many complications when starting our business. It only took us six to seven months to launch.”

Diamond Price

Dent offers a word of advice to anyone with dreams and hopes like hers. “My advice to beginners who want to start their own business is do the research. Educate yourself in the field you want to pursue. Ask people questions—your resources if you have any—and be consistent. Consistency is key.”

You can get in contact with D’Luxe Wig Supply via Instagram and Facebook @dluxewigsupply or you can contact their business line: (872)-265-1773. Be on the look out for their upcoming YouTube channel in the near future.


By Chris Lockridge

Instagram: @Lockotb

Written by TrueStar Staff

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