Danielle Mitchell Shares the Basics of Personal Branding

Summer Session with the Pros

Danielle Mitchell is a lifestyle blogger as well as international marketing strategist.

Danielle Mitchell, a fashion and lifestyle blogger as well as international marketing strategist, took part in True Star’s Summer Session with the Pros and filled teens in on how to turn our phones into a creative studio. Mitchell established her brand of Average Black Girl as a marketing and resource center. She offers classes, templates, webinars, and more all suited around gaining knowledge and motivation in marketing. She got straight to it and pushed us to develop, first, a style and then content for our personal brands. After, she said we should aim to be transformative with our posts, to inspire a mindset of growth or change through our brands.

Mitchell exposed the benefits of setting a theme on Instagram and using filters to create a recognizable image for our brands as well as Google fonts and other resources, such as “,” to spice up our feed. Mitchell got us thinking about our directives for our personal brands and what vibes we wanted to put out. To those of us who were unsure, she shared this simple but effective advice:

“If you’re an expert at something that people don’t know, they will pay to be taught. Even if it’s cultural to you.”

She also pressed how important it was to be interactive with your following and to establish a target audience. My personal favorite advice that Mitchell mentioned during the Zoom event was to connect with your audience. Share something about yourself—doesn’t have to be every detail, but just enough that allows different people to connect with you on a more personal level, which will help to build a following and gain supporters.  With all the access we have to mostly free media these days, she explained how we could pull people in by having a digital product, which could simply be yourself! And if you weren’t sure on how to market yourself before, Mitchell was generous with her step-by-step suggestions.

  1. Once you have a name for your brand, get it on every platform to reserve it.
  2. Figure out your target audience.
  3. Figure out your pitch/“freebie” to draw people in to your brand.
  4. Use hashtags to build recognition.
  5. Establish consistency with your media release.
  6. Call-to-action: Interact with your audience on a regular basis.
  7. Connect with people.

Once you have these steps down, she noted that it was important to strategize. Use the tools that social media offers to build your status and be sure to pay attention to analytics! If this didn’t inspire you to get to work on your personal brand I don’t know what will.


By Kelbe Naild, Junior, Whitney Young

Instagram: K3lba3 / SnapChat: omgkrocks


Written by TrueStar Staff

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