Danity Kane Reunion Coming Soon?



Do you remember Diddy’s MTV show Making the Band? Well one of the groups that was formed as a result of the show, Danity Kane, is rumored to be reuniting to make music again! The platinum-selling girl group was spotted out and about in Los Angeles together and seemed to be meeting to discuss a new album together. If you don’t know, the main reason the group broke up was because of a dispute they had with their manager, Diddy.

When asked if Diddy approved their reunion one of the members Aubrey (pictured above to the far right) replied “Who’s that?”  They have already found a new manager and plan to continue to record music and do music tours under the same name, Danity Kane, despite having Diddy’s approval or not. Apparently D. Woods is not pictured with them and is unlikely to be reuniting with the rest of Danity Kane. Either way the news of their reunion is exciting! What do you all think? Are you excited for their reunion or are their singing days over?

Written by Chioma


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