Day 2 of Lolla Was Everything & More

Lolla 2022

Concertgoers were out and about on day two of the traditional Lollapalooza festival. Despite the many health concerns, general safety concerns, and the worries about this potentially being Chicago’s last Lollapalooza, that didn’t faze anybody because everything was live and stimulating as usual.

When Lolla comes to Chicago, there is a different feeling in the air; you can see people hustling on corners, channeling their inner salesman. People display their floweriest outfits (some more revealing than others) to show off their unique and influenced styles; everyone lives in a euphoria where they can have fun, watch their favorite artist, and craze with their friends.

When I stepped foot in the exuberant festival, I headed straight to the hydration station, filling up my water bottle, before I took off to the Coinbase stage to see Tinashe, a singer/songwriter best known for her song “2 On,” featuring Schoolboy Q.

Her performance was lively, which may be surprising to some, considering this was her first time performing at Lolla. But, she kept the energy alive and shifted the mood pretty smoothly.

Next was Cordae, someone I am a big fan of.  He’s a performer beloved by all of Chicago because of his deep connection to the legendary Chicago rapper, Juice Wrld. Cordae came out in a fake beard, shocking some and amusing everyone. No one knew why he’d worn a fake beard, and no one had speculations, but mid-performance, he explained that he’d been acting in a show called “South Side” and took it off shortly after.

As aforementioned, Cordae is loved by everyone, so it didn’t take much for the crowd to get excited. When he played the song “Lucid Dreams” to commemorate Juice Wrld, the crowd immediately proceeded to form aggressive, hyper moshpits. Surrounded by the suffocating moshpits, I lost my sunglasses and ruined my shoes. But, hey, that’s the risk you take, right?

After Cordae, I took a quick break and then continued on back to the Coinbase stage to watch Coi Leray perform. Her performance included backup dancers and was what you’d expect from the former XXL freshman. Her fans carried the energy and provided the spark Leray needed to ensure everyone had a good time.

The last performance I saw was Don Toliver at the Bud Light Seltzer stage on the far left side of the park. With his girlfriend, Kali Uchis’ supportive presence on his right side, Toliver delivered one of the finest performances of the day.

With a well-known discography and extensive fanbase, about every song he performed was sung word for word by fans and even those unfamiliar with him. Countless hits from his 2020 album Heaven or Hell left the crowd exhausted from the exciting energy and myriads of moshpits.

Despite some of the unfortunate things that happened during my time at Lollapalooza, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am very excited to see whether or not Lolla will exist in Chicago in the coming years. Besides, it’s a staple of “Summertime Chi.” So why get rid of it?


By Jeremiah Griffith, Junior, Noble Academy

Instagram: theballtalk1

Written by Jeremiah Griffith

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