Defending Ariana


Alright, so I know “7 Rings” sounds a little familiar, and not in a good way. But is this type of “borrowing” of rhythms and flows even new? Along with XXL magazine, tenured and credible blogs and media outlets, are claiming and providing plenty of support against Ariana Grande and basically calling her a thief.

Personally, Grande is really hit or miss and has always been. She could drop an entire project and I’ll refuse to listen unless a single grips me. But, with her last album titled My Everything in 2014, I could see that there was going to be somewhat of a change in her marketing and target audience. I mean, her audience has grown from pubescent girls, to young adults who are well rounded and are getting RnB and hip-hop vibes getting thrown at them from every direction, so of course she would have to step her cookie up!

I think that she’s done pretty well. “Imagine” is an amazing track, it’s musicality and most of the content make the masterpiece that an RnB and pop crossover should be. “7 Rings” is quite literally the same thing, but with hip-hop.

Addressing everybody who is mad: If she was Black, would this be as much as a problem? Everyone is in such a disarray about her stealing Soulja Boy’s flow, but where did he get it from? Hip-hop is one big community of reusing and recycling. More specifically, to say Grande is biting from Princess Nokia, we’d then have to say that Princess Nokia stole her flow from 2 Chainz’s “Spend It.”

That’s a part of the music industry you guys, especially hip-hop, which was birthed from borrowing melodies from an entirely different genre and making it pop. So, I say this to say, as a hip-hop head, I will be blasting this song.


By Shay Goodwin, Freshman, Tougaloo College

Instagram @shay_notshea
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Written by TrueStar Staff

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