Demi Lovato: Another Fallen Disney Star


There are a few Disney stars who’ve fallen off the railings during or after their time on the famous network. Miley Cyrus had her falling while still on Disney and after, it got even worse. We all remember the raunchy Miley stage. Her post-Disney life was filled with drugs and sex, she embraced her new life but we were all wishing for the old Miley back.

Orlando Brown is another star who went off the railings in his post-Disney life. He’s had a weird transition to his new life. He’s been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and drug possession. He’s does and says a lot of other off the wall, weird things that aren’t considered appropriate as a Disney star. He’s had a weird obsession with former co-star Raven Symone, bashed her for not including her in her new show, “Raven’s Home,” a spin off of the late Disney show “That’s So Raven.” Brown later got her face tattooed on his neck and chest.

Lindsay Lohan has had an interesting post-Disney life as well. The star has a numerous amount of arrests for drugs, alcohol, DUI’s, and violation of her probation. She’s become a wild child as well. On multiple occasions she checked into rehab, and after every release she’s found herself into more trouble.

Recently, Demi Lovato was hospitalized after having a rumored heroin overdose. Later reports said that the drug she took was methamphetamine. Lovato struggles with drug addiction, self-mutilation and an eating disorder for years. She’ll be clean, then have a relapse after some time. In her YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated, released this year, Lovato revealed the struggles she faced over the years and her secrets about her road to recovery. Not only does she deal with drug addiction and alcoholism, but she suffers from a bipolar disorder. With all this going on in her life, along with the pressures of fame, and everyone watching her like a hawk, making sure she doesn’t have a relapsed, Lovato faces a hard life.

Ex-Disney stars lives are sometimes determined on how they  react to the pressure from their fans, and how successful their careers continue to be. Brown is one whose career went downhill after Disney along with Lohan. Cyrus and Lovato faced their issues and the pressure from their fans, but have still been able to maintain their position in the spotlight. These stars had failed stages, and they may or may not come back from it, but at least there are a few who still have enough hope to keep trying.


By Taliah Brooks, Junior, Westinghouse

Intagram: @im.liahh

Written by IVC Productions

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