Did The Bears Really Make The Playoffs?

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For the Chicago Bears, this has been a very interesting season. They went from looking like they would be a problem this year, with their defense looking like it was one of the top defenses in the league and being able to win games on the defensive side on the ball, to losing five straight games. With a change in quarterbacks, and an offensive line that was playing horribly, the run and pass game were affected. Then after all of that, they go on a three-game winning streak, and found themselves in a very tight race to get the seventh spot in the playoffs, with an offense that has found an identity, and is looking like it can be dangerous, and win games on the offensive side of the ball instead of on defense.

The first six games for the Bears weren’t exactly according to plan, but you wouldn’t be mad with the results of the games. They started the year with Mitch Trubisky at the QB position. They didn’t win their first two games convincingly, given they only won the first game because a Lions rookie dropped a pass in the endzone. In the Giants game, the game also came down to the last play, where the defense made a great play in the endzone to ensure the team won. In the third game against the Falcons, Trubisky was benched for Nick Foles, after a horrible start to the game. Foles ended up leading a comeback to win the game.

When Foles took over as quarterback, the team averaged 17 points, and that was when the team started to go down hill. He was able to lead the Bears to a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and a win against the Carolina Panthers and through a loss to the Indiana Colts. Foles then led us on a five-game losing streak before he got hurt during week 10. That is when Trubisky got another chance to prove himself.

In his first game back in the starting position, Trubisky was able to score 25 points, something the team was unable to accomplish since Foles had taken over. Even though they lost, Trubisky looked relatively good. In the next four games after playing the Packers, he led the offense to performances that saw them scoring 30, 34, 36 and 41 points. We won three of those four games. This put the Bears in somewhat of a pinch when it came to making the playoffs.

They are finished 8-8 on the year going into the playoffs. They lost on Sunday to the number one seeded Green Bay Packers, but because the Arizona Cardinals lost their game, the Bears made it in. They will have to face the number two seeded New Orleans Saints in the Wildcard game on Sunday on the road. With the defense struggling the way that they are, Bears fans’ confidence in their team is depleting. But you never know what happens in the playoffs. All it takes is one play to change the tide. The Bears hope that play is in their cards as the game fast approaches.


By Devin Foster, Sophomore, Bradley University

Instagram: dfos24    Twitter: lilfos24


Written by TrueStar Staff

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