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Did Ye Go Too Far With The “Easy” Video?

A clip from Kanye West’s latest music video for the song “Easy.”

It seems that Kanye West isn’t ashamed or afraid to express his feelings about his split with Kim Kardashian. Is it an act of professing his undying love for better or worse? Or has he gone entirely too far?

This isn’t the first time that West has publicly expressed his disdain for Kardashian proceeding to finalize their divorce and comedian Pete Davidson being the new boy toy on her arm. Although West had publicly claimed model Julia Fox as his new flame, posted videos online discussing family issues regarding being able to spend time with his kids, and even satire memes created by fans across social media titled “Kanye West vs Pete Davidson,” his efforts have only seemingly turned Kardashian all the way off.

West even posted screenshoted messages from his Instagram account between the two that showed Kardashian pleading for West to keep their conversations private. She also asked him to stop harassing Davidson because it could result in a dangerous situation with the likes of his fans. Despite West being photographed out with the likes of models and even a recent Kardashian look-alike, he only seems to want his family back together. West just released his new music video for “Easy,” featuring The Game. It clearly depicts a Davidson look-alike being tortured and people across social media are questioning West’s morals now more than ever. However, some fans are wondering if West is giving the best free stand-up material for Davidson.

As an artist, regardless of any field, being creative is just a form of expression. An artist finds peace in using their platform to show the true depths of themselves and their emotions at the time; even if it could seem completely absurd to others. However, West’s new diss towards Davidson in this “Eazy” video is having fans and critics analyze whether this is his most controversial move yet. In this video, West is seen burying Davidson in this black and white frame. One user tweeted their reaction to this controversial video:

“Ok, I’ve tried to hold @kanyewest down, I really have. But this #Eazy video is disturbing and if I was #PeteDavidson I’d sue his ass for defamation, threatening violence or something. This is beyond bullying…just ridiculous.” – @OOH_DIVA

“Another twitter user posted, “Yeah no, this is the textbook definition of Grade-A stalking. Something’s not right sir. We cannot save you anymore… #KanyeWest #PeteDavidson #KimKardashian #Eazy” – @eri_kristin.

Clearly, West doesn’t seem to mind the responses of his antics in trying to get his wife back, but these same tactics may be pushing her away more than ever. Although West is receiving massive backlash from social media platforms, some users have defended him by stating that they’ve done a lot worse in attempting to get their loved one back and to not judge because you never know what someone else may have done.

What was your reaction to this controversial music video? Make sure to leave your reaction below.


By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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