‘The Owl House: For the Future’ Deepens its Characters

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After Disney released the second episode of “The Owl House” season three, fans have been left in tears.

Titled “For the Future,” it is the second-to-last episode of the animated show, ever since Disney shortened its length for relatively unspecified reasons. The main character, Luz Noceda, is Afro-latina and bisexual. She and her friends, after being trapped in the human realm, go back to the Boiling Isles to try and save their loved ones from the cosmic being named The Collector.

This episode deeply explores characters’ trauma, including Hunter, who is the clone of the main villain’s twin brother, Willow, frequently called “Half-a-Witch Willow” by her bullies, and, of course, Luz. Luz has lost her dad, been trapped in the Boiling Isles for months worrying about her mom, lost her home at the hands of The Collector, and on top of that, is frequently misunderstood by her friends and family.

Fans of the show probably came into the episode wondering what Luz’s palisman pet was going to turn out to be, and let’s just say they won’t be disappointed. Besides the epic reveal, it connects directly to her main character arc throughout the entire show, which is realizing that all she wants to be is understood by people.

Hunter and Willow both grow together, too. Hunter begins to accept the loss of his own palisman from last episode, and Willow learns that it’s okay to be scared, after all she’s gone through. It’s a very sweet episode, and although not necessarily filled with as much action as the last episode, or undoubtedly the next one, it’s a necessary intermission to wrap up some character arcs.

Boy, do those kids need therapy. “The Owl House: For the Future” is available for free on the Disney Channel YouTube page, and the last episode, titled “Watching and Dreaming,” doesn’t have a release date yet, but probably won’t come out for another few months. Let me know what you thought of this episode.


By Inti Navia, Senior, ChiArts

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