DMX Disses Drake Again Over New Aaliyah Album!

These two are at it again but for a completely different reason this time! Last month, the web was buzzing because Drake had announced that a posthumous Aaliyah album was in the works while releasing one of the songs off the supposed album called “Enough Said”. Aaliyah’s family stated that they were not aware of this album nor are they in support of it. Missy & Timbaland, the 2 main people that helped propel Aaliyah’s music career, were not even included in this album which many people found strange. Meanwhile, DMX had to put in his two cents on the matter (also in the video below) by stating the following: “It’s wrong, honor her legacy, honor what she did. You don’t have no right to make it yours,” Do you agree with this statement?



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Written by Chioma


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